Welcome to Glenbriar Designs

Glenbriar Designs is a small fiber arts business that is currently in development. Our primary product is currently knitting patterns, particularly for knit toy dragons. We’re working on a process to make beautiful spindles at affordable prices and hope to be selling through Etsy and New England fiber art fairs in the near future.

Handmade Spindles

We are currently in the process of developing a line of handmade spindles. Our objective is to produce functional works of art at an affordable price using a combination of traditional techniques like wood-turning and modern technologies, like 3-D printing. The early spindles will be designed specifically for spinning angora rabbit fiber.

Unique Knitting Designs

Knit dragons are our specialty. Each dragon is designed using seamless construction techniques that support precision shaping. These patterns will challenge new knitters to learn valuable skills and give experienced knitters a chance to use a wide range of skills in a small project.


Holiday Madness

So…I’ve been quiet on here for about a thousand years in Internet time, but I’m back! You crafters know how it is, right? Who has time for anything extra but knitting from October through December? My crafting process has been productive, though, and there will be many patterns coming soon. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been …

Wooly Gems

I have a new shiny for you, my darlings! I know you all love beautiful sock yarn just as much as I do, so I imagine you might have equally as much fun with the test product I’ve just added to Etsy… Each of these earrings is handmade, which means every earring is unique. Pairs …

Nennir Bag

I absolutely adore Lucy Hague’s cable work. I came across her Nennir cowl when looking for a pattern to use some handspun I had made during last year’s Tour de Fleece. My yardage was about right, but my gauge was off and, honestly, that was the skein I first played around with spinning worsted and …