DIY Washer Whorl: Finishing Details

Bifrost Beret Update: My photo shoot was postponed on account of merciless, cold rain. Hopefully I’ll get the finished pattern to you by early next week.

In happier news, here’s my finished whorl! Isn’s she sweet? She’s not quite true, but overall, I’m pleased with my first attempt. I tried spinning a bit with her, and the verdict is that she’ll definitely need to be a supported spindle. The weight gives her great spin for laceweight, but it’s too heavy for the yarn. The half-hitch anchor on the knitting needle actually grips better than on my varnished wood spindles, which surprised me.

DIY Steampunk Whorl
Steampunk-Inspired Spindle Whorl made from washers and polymer clay.

Finishing Details How-To

1. Paint clay with a coat of black gouache or acrylic paint and allow to dry.

2. Paint over dry black with copper acrylic paint and dab some off with cotton swabs or paper towels for a patina-like look and allow to dry.

3. Paint over dry copper coat with Modge Podge and allow to dry.

I’m not a real crafter outside of the fiber arts, so these might not be the best materials, but the Modge Podge (or maybe even just a coat of school glue) is essential for sealing the paint if you go this way–the gouache and acrylic mix will otherwise rub off on your yarn easily.

Happy Whorling!