Dobby Socks

At long last! Here is the promised pattern for the Dobby socks. If you missed the story and the tips behind the crazy steeking, you can catch up here. Now that the pattern is written, I can get these in the mail in time for my sister’s birthday…if two years late.

Harry Potter Socks_5_sm

Dobby Socks

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2 Replies to “Dobby Socks”

    1. Sorry! I wish I could help, I don’t do commissions because I’d have to charge an astronomical amount to account for my time. And assuming you mean the London LeakyCon (since the Portland one has gone by), I wouldn’t have time to knit them and get them to you. I’d recommend taking the pattern to an LYS near you and seeing if they know any speedy knitters who do take commissions–most of them do. Enjoy LeakyCon!

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