3 Replies to “Double-Knit Kitchener Stitch”

  1. I thank you for the effort of putting this together but Im more confused now than I was before the tutorial. It was a little hard to see because your hand kept coming off camera. Do you have to have this type of stitch for the pocket book handles? And if you do I kinda get it but how do you start it out from the beginning? Sorry I’m a pest I know I just wanna learn so bad.

    1. Yeah, sorry. I’m not practiced with doing videos yet. I couldn’t find a technique that matched what I was trying to do, but it’s basically a way of tackling grafting for a k1, p1 rib. If you know how to do the Kitchener stitch, you can figure this out–just separate the knits and purls onto separate needles, hold the wrong sides of the opposite straps together, work the Kitchener to the end of the needles, then flip the work and switch to the needles holding the purls. I just found this video as well, which might be an easier way to tackle the problem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgJ9vQ80tig&feature=related

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