Getting Back on the Knits

After the push to get holiday gifts out, I’ve been looking at my knitting with exhaustion. I still have one gift left to finish–a sock from a pattern I’m working on, and let’s just say that the knitting progressed from enjoyable to “interesting” about the time I tried to put the thing on and realized I don’t understand the tension issues of making Fair Isle socks.

The project bag has been starting at me with mocking resentment for a few weeks. Not good news, really.

I had a skein of lovely seafoam alpaca in my stash that I’ve been waiting to make into a hat for myself for a few months, and I finally decided to work it into a hat. I chose Irina Dmitrieva’s Foliage Hat and I’m glad I did. It’s a perfectly delightful pattern, with just enough detail to be fun to knit but nothing complicated enough to be aggravating.

Seafoam Foliage Hate

It does require you to pay some attention, however, so I wouldn’t recommend working on it after hot chocolate with a bit too much peppermint schnapps…just don’t look too closely at the crown.

Added bonus for this knit? I finally managed to sort out how the whole knitting cables without a cable needle works. That’s a skill worth mastering.

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