Kidnapped by a House

My house has kidnapped me. If you don’t understand what I mean, you’ve never thought it was a good idea to buy a house that’s more than a century old. In truth, being enslaved might be a slightly more accurate description–every spare moment seems to be filled with fixing or painting or planting or building. It barely leaves enough time for knitting, let alone writing about knitting.

But! On the fiber front, I haven’t been a complete slacker. I’ve got two dragons done and have been sloooowly picking away at typing up my notes.

Seamless Dragon No. 1

This little guy is completely seamless. I will have better pictures for you with the pattern, but for now, may I just point out the cunning short-row shaping on those double-knit wings? That took me forever and a half to get right.

The pictures of dragon number 2 (who was made as a gift and has therefore already flown the coop) are trapped on one of John’s cameras, but I’ll give you pictures of him soon too.

Finally, I’ll also have an update on the rabbits soon. I’m going to meet the kits tomorrow to pick out a pair, and hopefully we’ll have the rabbitat built this weekend so we’d ready for June, when we pick the bunnies up. John’s planned the heck out of this thing, and if you all promise to be nice about his design, I might be able to talk him into sharing the Sketch-up file and materials list for the design.