Review: Sallah Cowl

When I came across the pattern for the Sallah Cowl and saw that it’s designed to be made from one skein of sock yarn, I knew I had to make it. I had this lovely skein of Heritage Cascade Yarn in Azalea Bloom in my stash waiting for the project, and the color and cowl just begged to be put together for one of my closest friends.

Sallah Cowl

I can’t say I would make this again for the sheer fact that it’s basically endless miles of k1, p1 monotony spiced up faintly with a touch of increasing and decreasing. I think my boredom would have smothered a canary. BUT…I do love the way it turned out, and there are a couple of particular things I rather liked about it.

1. The airy, open feel.

This is created by working with two different needle sizes on alternating rows. So simple, but a stunning effect. Helpful hint: if you’ve got interchangeable needles, put the small tip on one end and the large tip on the other. 

2. The slant of the stitches.

This is the sole purpose of the increases and decreases, and the effect is quite nifty. Helpful hint: You’re basically creating a parallelogram. When you’re working straight, the side that needs to measure 17″ is what will be, at that point, the shorter of the long sides of the parallelogram.

3. The applied i-cord edge.

Applied i-cord is, I’m loathe to admit, growing on me. It’s a little bit magical and generally justifies the annoying pointlessness of all other i-cord. Helpful Hint: Don’t slip for a selvedge and do pick up 1 stitch per row–less than that makes for a tight finish. Also, the i-cord the the ONLY reason for having the needle length recommended, so you might save yourself some irritation by working the rest of the project with a shorter needle.