Spinning Decompression

Note of a lazy blogger: I wrote this post when the dates would suggest I did, but didn’t get around to taking pictures, so…this is late.

The Tour de Fleece ended this Sunday, and I have to confess that I more or less dropped out after Day 14. Not that I stopped spinning, mind you. I just stopped spinning enough that you could see progress on a daily basis because it was hot and I was busy.

I met my goals of finishing and plying the blue mystery wool on the wheel. So…huzzah! That was my success.

Mystery Blue Spun

I ALMOST finished the dragon yarn. I got it finished spinning it Friday and pulled it off the spindle Saturday, but I didn’t get it plied. I started plying on Monday and managed to get through about 80% in an epic session before my arm threatened to fall off completely. Hopefully I’ll finish that tonight.

Dragon Yarn - Spindle Spun

Needless to say, since my final challenge to myself was dependent on finishing the dragon yarn, I didn’t tackle it. I did consider buying another spindle just so I could play with angora the way I wanted to on the 18th, but my husband would have made annoyed frowny faces, so I restrained myself. 🙂

I did, however, do something I had forgotten I would be doing during the Tour: my spinning demo for my mother’s knitting class. Teaching and demonstrating is a skill in its own right, and one I really don’t have, but the ladies were all super nice and interested in the process.

Also, when I jotted down where they could buy a spindle like mine (Highland Handmades, for the curious), one of the ladies looked at my handwriting and decided that I am a rushing river in a narrow channel, which she explained meant that I am deeply emotional and creative but with tight control. I don’t know what about my handwriting gives her the notion that I am the master of my own emotions, but best not to look a gift compliment in the mouth, right?

I’m off to West Virginia to visit my sister later this week, so perhaps I’ll have some time for the angora then. How did you all do?