Spinning Demo

By the by…I’m doing a 1:00PM spinning demo at Yardgoods Center in Waterville tomorrow, if anyone is around and curious. You’ve seen the quality of my work: this is not a class to help pros refine their skills. I was asked because one of the lovely ladies of my mom’s Friday knitting group heard that I have a wheel and has apparently always wanted to see it in action.

It’s also a demo, not a class, but if you show up with these supplies, I can probably get you started.

  • 2-3 CDs
  • Pencil
  • 2 rubber bands
  • 1 yard of wool yarn
  • Unspun roving (for sale at Yardgoods if you don’t have any lying around)

The ladies in the knitting group are delightful, so I can promise that however well the demo does or does not go, we’ll have a lot of laughs.

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  1. We did have a great time and I am very glad you were willing to come and share your know how with us!!

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