Front view of handspun swivel
Most of the unevenness of my handpsun singles balanced out in the knitting.

My Swivel is complete!

It took me about six months from purchase to blocking to spin and knit this beauty, and I must say, I am quite pleased with the result.

The favorite new skill I put to work with this pattern is cabling without a cable needle. It was tricky, given the bulky singles, but significantly faster, especially when you consider all the time I didn’t lose hunting around for needles.

The pattern was definitely not written for n00bs to sweater making, but I muddled through. Only had to frog, what, six or seven hours of work? And the finished product was well worth it. I love the way the cables curve around to make the waste look even more flatteringly shaped than it is. Thanks for bringing this one to the world, Kerri Blumer!

Back view of Swivel pullover
No chance to get pics of me in it just yet, but the curve of the cables is fairly flattering, as bulky pullovers go. 🙂

Now I just have to pack it away very carefully until it’s cold enough to wear…