A Unique Tie-back

Antique Shuttle Tie-back
One of my husband’s co-workers is in the process of starting an antiques business, and being a generous and thoughtful person, she has occasionally pulled aside items from her purchases she thought we would like. These items are some of the more unusual gifts we’ve received, to be sure, and fantastic.

When she gave me a pair of antique loom shuttles, I was intrigued by their shape and connection to the world of fiber art, but not being a weaver, I didn’t really know what to do with them…until last night.

Antique Shuttle Tie-back with Curtain

They make perfect and unique curtain tie-backs!

I don’t know how clearly you can tell from the photos, but that center pin pivots out to about a 45° angle. I have sheer curtains on the craft room windows right now, with two different color panel on each. I basically twist the shorter panel with the longer and clamp the longer into the shuttle by pushing the center pin back into place. I love the way it looks.

I know, I know…home decorating is not knitting. But it’s almost Christmas, which means all of my active projects are currently classified. 🙂