Call for Patterns

I want to show off your patterns!

Unsurprisingly, my blog gets almost all of its attention from my free patterns, good and bad alike. I love sharing my patterns, but let’s be honest here: I’m a workin’ woman with two jobs, two cats, a husband, and a desire to not spend the rest of my life working for other people. The design / test knit / rip back / fix design / knit again / photo shoot / format pattern process takes me a while in between all the other things I can’t just put down to knit.

Putting up a finished (or mostly finished) pattern, however, is a piece of cake for me. Not every knitter has the time and inclination to learn how to turn notes into a PDF or work with a blog, I imagine, so here’s what I’m thinking: if you have a pattern you’d like to share with the world but no place or no technical ability to share it, email it to me! If I like it and can make sense of your directions, I’ll put it on my blog, fully credited to you, and the whole world will win. How picky I am will depend on whether or not I get any submissions, but here are some basic guidelines for what you should send me:

> Photo of the finished product (the nicer the photo, honestly, the more likely I am to publish the pattern).

> Instructions in a document or in the body of an email.

> A title for the pattern.

> Your name, as you’d like me to credit it.

> A short bio, and any links to your web presence or contact info you’d like to share with my readers.

I promise to always respect your ownership of the pattern. I promise to take it down if you ever change your mind about having it on my blog without saying anything mean to you. I promise to let you know if I can use it or not as quickly as I can. There’s not a single cent of money in this blog–it’s for fun, not for profit–so you won’t get paid in anything but the ineffable joy that comes from sharing something you created with others, but I find that to be worth the effort of doing a blog. I hope you will too.

Email me your pattern at: