Just in Time for Autumn

When we left home last weekend to visit our various sets of parents for various delightful reasons, I was a little loathe to hit the road because of this:

Have I written about the blocking situation yet? I don’t think I have. Short version: after wasting many miles and minutes driving around to local places looking for just blocking mats and failing to find them outside of super-expensive kits that included pins and wires I didn’t need, I ended up ordering interlocking foam non-slip gym flooring from Amazon, which is cheaper than actual blocking mats. My review: foam flooring = awesome blocking mats. 

Even with free two-day shipping (Amazon Prime rocks), I had to wait to block my sweater until Wednesday, so last week I was knitting sleeves like a mad woman and trying not to expire from anticipation at just how close to done my darn sweater was. I finished the final sleeve just before the season premiere of Doctor Who (perfect timing), but then had to wait two more days to get the sleeves blocking since we were visiting family.

Finally and finally, last night I got within sight of the finish line sometime around 10:00 when I finished the second placket and had nothing to do but set in the sleeves and work the collar. I ended up staying up until 1:30 or so, and not because “What About Brian?” is such a captivating show. (In case the sarcasm isn’t carrying: it’s really, really not.)

Bad, late-night Netflix choices notwithstanding, I managed to finish my sweater. It’s a little wonky, being my first ever fitted sweater, and both the pattern and the errata could have be easier to work with. I also wouldn’t recommend KnitPicks’ Wool of the Andes for this sweater to anyone else. Don’t get me wrong–I really enjoyed working with the yarn, and I think it’s a great product for the price, but this sweater is a very fitted piece which is worn close to the skin, so something softer would probably be more comfortable. I love the softness and drape of KnitPicks’ Simply Cotton Sport, and if the worsted is as good, that might work nicely without the $500 materials cost of the yarn the book suggested.

All that being acknowledged… I FINISHED MY SECOND FREAKIN’ SWEATER!!!!!

My favorite part about this pattern is the length of the sleeves. I hate where long sleeve sweaters fall when I’m at home. I’m constantly pushing the sleeves back and getting annoyed that they won’t stay put. The half-length will keep my shoulders warm AND give me the freedom to put my fingerless gloves to actual use when I’m knitting. I love fingerless gloves. They’re like socks without having to turn a heel or graft a toe.

This pose and camera angle make my shoulders look oddly large, I know, but isn’t the sweater just lovely? So, so pleased.

Pattern Info:

Seeded Cables Cardigan by Sarah Heiniger, published in Sensual Knits: Luxurious Yarns, Alluring Designs, ed. Yahaira Ferreira.