Hydrating Hydrangeas

So…the Guild of Rookie Designers called. They revoked my membership card.  I dialed up the League of N00b Designers, and even they were hesitant to accept me back when they heard why the Guild gave me the boot.

LND Rep: “Let me get this straight: your strategy for organizing pattern notes for a new design consists of two regular notebooks, a graph paper notebook, and a box of loose paper, and you’re surprised that you can’t find the notes for your latest pattern?”

Me: “Well, in my defense, I did just move…”

I was about thirty seconds from trying to reverse engineer the pattern from the finished product when I decided to leaf through the magazines I had stuck in my bin of projects-in-progress. I just about leaped up to turn a somersault when a loose piece of graph paper fell out with the hydrangea stitch and eyelet rib…until I noticed that I was missing my notes on how to build the bottom. Unfortunately, that was the only part of the pattern I knew I would have to rework to try to remember what I had done.

I really don’t remember getting the graph paper to work out the stitch on, but the only reason I can imagine that I would use loose-leaf graph paper instead of doing the work in my notebook is that I had already packed my notebook before the move, but my husband hadn’t packed his. If all of my pattern-note-taking-books were packed, there was one other place I might look: the sticky note app for my computer.

I had to dig what felt like piles of random urls, bits of shortcode, knitting tutorials, fiber fair dates, and writing ideas, but sure enough, at the bottom of the mess I found a piece of gobbledygook that no one else in the world would understand the meaning of. Thank goodness I worked up this design recently enough to remember what my notes meant.

With no more ado (as this simple pattern has already had more ado than it’s due), enjoy this quick and simple water bottle cover.

Hydrating Hydrangeas (Click to download or print)