Not Merely Windy

I hate scarves. They are possibly the most boring project I could be asked to tackle. I have made two, and both filled me with such loathing that I swore, “Nevermore!”

And then, of course, I found a beautiful sunrise skein of “Silk Cloud” from Darn Good Yarn that just screamed my middle sister’s name. I had imagined making a sock yarn shawl from it, but Joy is not a fan of triangular shawls. She was, however, excited about the possibility of a scarf…

*Bangs head on table.*

Thank heaven above for Windermere. It is long and repetitive, but the lace is just complex enough that I got through it without painful boredom every time I picked it up. I’ve decided that it’s more appropriately classified as stole than a scarf, so I haven’t really broken my vow, right?

Windermere, a little past half done

Two things to note…

(1) It’s handy to have either a yarn scale if you’re working this pattern since the stole is worked from both ends and then grafted in the middle. I got in twelve repeats of the 16 row repeat before I got too close to the 50 grams for comfort, but I’m sure that varies wildly from yarn to yarn.

(2) Use lace-weight stitch markers. Cheap jump rings from a craft store’s jewelry section work really well. This is what it looks like if you use stitch markers that are too wide for the gauge of your project:

Gaps in Windermere

See those laddery bits on either side of the stockinette section? I’m hoping they’ll block out for such a small section, but I wouldn’t trust to that for the entire scarf.

Fun note: The designer describes this pattern as a variation on Tiger’s Eye lace. Perfect for the color, don’t you think?