Loose Threads

It’s been a while since I’ve covered a sewing project on this blog, and with good reason: it’s been a while since I did a sewing project. The last few weeks have seen me getting more comfortable with my machine, however, so here are a few projects I’ve been up to….


Queen Barnraising Log Cabin Quilt

If you ignored the chair cover (which I dyed) and the spinning wheel (which I’ll get to), you’ll notice the queen-sized quilt. It’s a log cabin quilt in the barn raising pattern from Quilt in a Day, by Eleanor Burns. It took me more than a day, but I strongly recommend her book. Super easy to follow, and if you want to get started in quilting, a log cabin is a good place to get your foot in.

Normally, this quilt is for the futon in the living room, but since Nemo is blowing fiercely at our badly insulated door, it pulled wall-hanging duty today. I must say, for $30 in materials (my mom is a fabric chipmunk with a large stash she let me raid for the front, batting was on sale, and the back I cut from a Reny’s king-sized flat sheet), I’m quite pleased.


Homemade A-line skirt

Well…not actually. I haven’t skirted a thing. But I did make this A-line skirt with a LARGE amount of help from my awesome friend who instigated the project, provided the materials, and did all the sewing. I did help, honest. I stood still while she measured me and then I even cut things out and drew a few lines where she told me too. 🙂

My assessment of the tutorial from The Cordelia Files is that, having done it once, it would be a snap to follow again. If you’re making it for the first time, my advice is to read the tutorial all the way through the first time. You will save yourself some wasted paper.


Black felt wall hanging to store earrings

I’m not much of a jewelry person, and since most of what I have is costume jewelry or odd pieces given to me by odder people (love you all!), taking care of it nicely has never been a top priority. Lately, however, I have been right fed up with having to dump a bowl out every time and digging for matches whenever I feel like wearing earrings.

So I improvised. I threw a zig-zag hem and a rod pocket on some black fleece leftover from a Christmas project, stuck a dowel threw the pocket, whipped up some i-cord from scrap yarn, and stuck a nail in the wall. It’s not fancy, but it’ll do.