Nennir Bag

Small cabled handbag

I absolutely adore Lucy Hague’s cable work. I came across her Nennir cowl when looking for a pattern to use some handspun I had made during last year’s Tour de Fleece. My yardage was about right, but my gauge was off and, honestly, that was the skein I first played around with spinning worsted and between my rookie lack of skill and the quality of fiber the technique produced, the yarn wasn’t a great match for the pattern. This being one of those situations where I couldn’t quite stomach frogging all the finicky cable work, I left the cowl to sit in the bottom of my work basket for months.

In the course of doing some organizing and wrapping odds and ends up, I came across a set of wooden purse handles that I had picked up on deep clearance from some craft store or other and a spark hit. I pulled out the neglected cowl and it was about 20% too big for the handles, so I took a risk. I sewed up one edge and whipped up and i-cord loop for a button closure and tossed the thing in the washing machine with my next load of towels.

Sometimes, Lady Luck smiles on me, because when the cowl came out of the drier felted down to just the right size for what I had in mind. I whipped together a lining (which could fit better–sewing’s not really my thing) and popped on a button and the handles, and voila! My tough yarn, which utterly failed as a cowl, is just about perfect for a cute little felted purse. 🙂

Small cabled handbag
Quite darling, wouldn’t you say?