What the Gauge?

Alright, pro-knitters: explain something to me. I’m working on a pair of socks. I was none too sure of the sizing when I started, so I was careful to knit, wash, and block a gauge swatch. I went a step further and researched sock sizing online to make sure my gauge times the pattern directions would make a large enough sock for the foot in question. The pattern was designed for elf feet, I think, so I increased it by a dozen stitches and carried on. I was very proud of myself for taking the time and care to sort all this out, even though it meant the headache of doing the math myself to turn the heel and work the gusset pick-ups and decreases. I measured the sock carefully as I went to make sure I would have enough length. And yet…the sock is too small. It’s not just a little too small…it’s stupidly too small. As in, “How could anyone ever have thought that the math would work out to a large enough sock?”

I have double and triple-checked my math and my mind is still blown. This is not the first pair of socks I’ve made and curse it, I do know how to make socks that fit. So can someone please explain to me how I ended up with a sock that is easily three sizes smaller than what I was aiming for?

Also…if you know anyone with size 6 feet who likes pink and purple, I have a pair of socks available.


Utterly Baffled and Feeling Like a N00b

P.S. Don’t judge me. I don’t rip back entire socks, and I don’t waste hours of work, so yes…I am knitting a second too-small sock with no idea who I should give the pair to. Admit it, you’ve done crazier things, right?

P.P.S. But toeless socks, those are a thing, yeah?


I finished the socks and mailed them off to a friend with small feet who has been known to go by the name “Fun Socks Girl.” For once I had the self-control to send a present without warning (I am notoriously bad at keeping presents I’ve made a secret) and it arrived on her doorstep at a moment when she was in a need of a small happiness boost. They fit her perfectly, so at least I got the proportions right and Mission: Knitting Kninja Joy was accomplished.