Insert Clever Metaphor about 2001: A Space Odyssey

Technology amazes me, from beginning to end. At the beginning, you have, to quote Robin Furr, “a rock on a stick.” From so humble a combination, one can spin anything. (Assuming, of course, that one has a bit of practice under one’s belt.) At the other end, we have a worldwide network of incredibly fast and thoroughly encrypted information that allows inventors and would-be manufacturers bid for microfinancing to fund their business endeavors. And instead of enormous factories with tons of underpaid workers producing cheap, generic products, 3D printing now allows us to make cheap, generic products at home…or at the home of the inventor-turned-manufacturer.

Robin Furr is creating a living history of these technologies from both ends by using modern technology to produce carefully engineered and inexpensive versions of that ancient technology, the spindle. Although it’s hard to tell from the photos whether the plastic spindles will be beautiful things worthy of a spinner’s selection and impossible to know if they will spin as nicely as promised, I think his idea has merit and I hope he gets the funding he needs to get started. If you’re a rabid spindle fan who likes to collect or a would-be new spinner who has children, you might consider pledging a donation to try his products out.

Plus Spindles Kickstarter Project – Goal: $1,425 more by March 10th, 2012