Holiday Madness

So…I’ve been quiet on here for about a thousand years in Internet time, but I’m back! You crafters know how it is, right? Who has time for anything extra but knitting from October through December? My crafting process has been productive, though, and there will be many patterns coming soon. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to / what’s coming soon…

Coffee Cowls

My first choice for sustainability is to bring my own coffee mug when I get coffee out, but I often fail what with the needing to wash it and all, so I was looking for a way to cut down my waste when I buy coffee and, as many before me, came up with the notion of a knit beverage sleeve. They’re so quick and easy to design and make that I make have gone a little nuts, but I’ve put together a mess of charts for stranded or double knitting that will tickle fans of Doctor Who, Firefly, and the like. Charts and instructions will be going out to newsletter fans before I get them up on here.


Schism Socks_4A sock pattern for every geek who loves the swirling, wormhole-like chaos of the untempered schism or the zippy allure of warp speed. This pattern was initially accepted by Knitty and then rejected when it turned out that my gauge was a bit screwy, so this (gauge-corrected!) pattern will come with a post discussing twisted vs. non-twisted stitches. #facepalm At this point, I have test-knit the stuffing out of this pattern, so it’s going to be one of my paid offerings…unless, of course, you’re on the newsletter list, because you’ll be getting it for free shortly.

Dracorex hogwartsia

The next member of my dragon series is inspired by the relatively recently discovered/named dinosaur from the Hell Creek Formation in South Dakota. The source art I’m using is a lovely picture drawn for me by my friend Dan Bensen as thanks for beta-reading his science fiction book, Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen.

3.5 Pounds of Wool

It took me three and a half pounds of wool for John’s Ranger sweater. I talked about my dyeing process back in July, and now, two and a half pounds (14 two-ply skeins!) later, I am finally done with his sweater. This sweater was SUPPOSED to weigh closer to a pound and a half and could, now that it’s finished, possibly stop a bullet, so I will be writing a pattern review soon, and about the challenges of spinning for grist.

Glenbriar Designs

This is still super early, but John and I are working on a business plan that will let us spend more time being crazy homesteaders and less time in front of computers. John may start joining me in posting on here about what he’s developing (spindles and buttons!), and I’m going to be working on a couple new purse designs. We may also combine this site with the business site eventually, but I’ll announce that officially so you all don’t think VoaS has just up and vanished. 🙂

Autumn’s Daughter

PrintOh, right! This isn’t knitting-related, so I hope you’ll forgive me for going off-topic, but I forgot to tell you all that I published a book in October! It’s a young adult modern fantasy with a sci-fi twist about Niamh Brennan, who is struggling to understand the unusual (and uncontrollable) powers she seems to be developing when her younger sister is kidnapped. It’s free from Dec. 17th through Dec. 19th (according to the hobbit tradition of giving other people presents on your birthday : ) and I would be tickled pink if you’d do me the kindness of reading it and telling me what you think.



Hope you’re all able to look up from your mad knitting long enough to enjoy the sparkly holiday lights as we turn the corner to muddle our way out of the darkest days of the year.