Bifrost Beret

Many, many apologies for the delay on this promised pattern. I have excuses for not putting the pattern up, but since they mostly involve a preference to watching Torchwood and knitting over formatting images in a Word document, you don’t want to hear them.

Either way, here’s the promised pattern!

Bifrost Beret

(Click to download or print.)

Bifrost Beret - Link opens PDF pattern

Knitting On the Fly

I hate hats. By which, of course, I mean that I love them to pieces but they have an irritating way of defeating me. Frequently. When my mother gave me some purple  yarn to make baby hats for October to raise awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome, I cringed inside. More than a little.

I picked up another skein from her excellent LYS while I was visiting her knitting class, though, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The bulky, soft alpaca was more delicious than any yarns I can afford on a regular basis and I figured it was worth the effort of mastering a few baby hats just for the chance to work with the yarn.

The lovely thing about bulky yarn is that beautiful things just sort of fall off your needles. You cast on and it seems like only an hour later you have a hat…or three. My success with the baby hats inspired me to pick up the intriguing and slightly odd variegated yarn I found in the bargain bin at the same LYS. It was surprisingly pleasant to work with for an inexpensive wool/acrylic blend, and I think it had a little bit of magic stored up in it because the tam just came together, hitting that Goldilocks ratio.

The first tam I ever made is bigger than my entire head. The second one barely covers my ears. I made one in there that fit my youngest sister, but it didn’t come out quite the size I was aiming for. This lovely bit, however, was just right.

You can’t really tell from the wet, blocking project how nicely the color runs work up at this length, but I was quite pleased. Once it’s dry and properly photographed, I’ll be putting up the pattern for it, so come back sometime next week for the Bïfrost Beret.