Too Much Yarn

My husband and I are struggling a little bit in the face of not having to work forty hours of week at the moment. His schedule actually allows him a four-day weekend, the lucky duck. As we were out on a date the other night, he sighed about his inability to set goals for himself on his personal projects.

“It’s not that I don’t have anything to do,” he said. “There’s just so much I want to do that I can’t settle on any one thing, so I end up playing video games all day.”

Because that’s the solution, right there. I tease, but I know what he means. Knitting and spinning make up one very tiny portion of the way I spend my time–I’m lucky if I manage to sneak an hour a day to work on my projects, and out of those…good Lord, we better narrow it down.

Spinning: I do less of that. I’ve been reserving it as a treat for myself, as in “when I finish knitting project X, I can spend some time spinning,” and half of the time I get so excited about the next project in my knitting queue that I cut my allotted spinning time in half. (It’s a little harder to set goals, since I’m still SOOO slow with a spindle.) So I don’t really spend much time spinning yet, much as I enjoy it. And yet, in the last few weeks, I have acquired this:


That’s about two pounds of raw dog hair (black poodle and golden doodle…I’ll let you know how that goes when I get around to playing with it), 6 ounces of beautifully dyed roving from Lancaster (my mom has come over to the dark side of fiber arts and discovered that acrylic is not great…BWAHAHA), and a pound of raw virgin fleece I bought at the farmers’ market for cheap because it comes off lambs who have been raised for meat (Sheep are a pretty sustainable meat source and their wool can be repurposed, so I’m sorry if you’re a vegetarian and/or bothered by the thought of dead sheep…my tactic is to try to be a responsible omnivore, so it doesn’t really phase me).

With this intriguing pile of fiber waiting patiently in line behind a long list of quickie projects, a sweater, a book to edit, a half dozen excellent books to read, and a long list of things to research about buying a house, what do I choose to do? Write a blog post about my first-world problems.

Good decision-making, me. Good freaking decision making…