Costume Up!

Because I feel like I don’t have half enough unfinished projects clamoring for my attention, I have decided to take up costume design. My seamstressing abilities are limited to sewing crooked seams, so I’m taking the approach of buying really cheap thrift store finds and repurposing them. When I inevitably destroy a perfectly good shirt with my ineptitude, at least my bank account won’t be groaning in despair, right?


I dragged John with me to go shopping for shirts because he is my less-reluctant-than-you-might-think partner in cosplay. We’ve got two costume missions: renaissance and steampunk. I have lovely mental designs for these, but since I have the artistic skill of an untalented third grader, I will spare you from my sketches. Instead, I will invite you to comment on the Pinterest board where I keep track of pictures of pieces that come close to my mental image.

I’ve been mostly working on my steampunk costume (which involves a lovely blue corset that is way too cheap to actually wear fully cinched) and John’s renaissance costume. Now that we have his boots (and it took long enough…eBay and PayPal can be such a hassle to deal with sometimes), I only need to make a few modifications on his shirt and figure something out for his pants because his wonderful mother made us gorgeous leather vests for Christmas.

Mine is a lighter-colored leather and more corset-ish–I’ll post pictures when I’ve figured out what to wear under it to preserve my modesty.

The costume piece I’m VERY excited about working on is my next fingerless glove design. I’m thinking of upping the design challenge and actually making them “top-of-the-finger-less,” with partial finger gussets. My mom’s LYS had a nice sale on alpaca lace yarn so she picked me up enough for about eight pairs of gloves…that’s what I call margin for error.

My plan is to modify the stitch from the Curved Diamond Shawl in Victorian Lace Today to work in the round as the main glove base and play with picots for the bottom edging. The gauging and gusset design for this will be…interesting, if you’re Chinese. “Fun” if you play Dwarf Fortress (their unofficial slogan is “Losing is fun!”). It should be a wild ride, and I’ll be taking better notes this time.

In short: come hang out with me on Pinterest and keep your eyes open for my upcoming misadventures in costume design. Good times will be had by all, at my expense.