Most Wanted Muppet Knits

John and I went to see Muppets: Most Wanted last night because I am a massive Muppets dork and would have been sorely disappointed if I hadn’t caught the flick on its opening weekend. Quick and dirty review: it had a lot of good moments (Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais are perfection) and recaptured the somewhat chaotic, wordplay-riddled energy of the earlier Muppet movies (“They’re incapable of being culpable!”), but it fell short of being a tight production. Partially because of some of the lackluster musical numbers, partially from something that’s harder to explain but could be loosely defined as the writers needing a Kermit of their own to reign them in a bit.

Rest in peace, Mr. Henson.

The reason I’m mentioning the movie on this blog, instead of my writing blog where I tend to review movies, is that the one thing that was absolutely out of this world about the movie was the costume design. Ms. Piggy, as always, is of course the last word in phenomenal outfits that walk that elegant line between glamour and good taste, but what really caught my eye in this movie is Walter’s wardrobe. In particular, this sweater.

The picture doesn’t do it justice, but that is one heck of a lovely piece of knitwear, thoughtfully designed, gorgeous shade of blue, and obviously made of a fiber that works with the design for a great drape. It impressed me enough that I started paying attention to the rest of the cast’s knitwear, and Gonzo’s got quite the range of sweater vests for a weird blue…whatever. I didn’t find any great pictures of the rest of the knits from this movie, but searching for a picture of Walter’s sweater brought me to this cardigan of Walter’s from the last movie, which is also a heck of a detailed beauty of a sweater, no corners cut there.

Somebody please tell me that (a) these beauties were handknit and (b) they know where to find patterns for replicas in human sizes. Because I would buy a book of Muppet knits if they included those sweater designs.

Finally, just for fun, remember this intro? The big blue guy in the center (Thog) is a small part of the new movie, as is Behemoth (aka Gene), which is a fun throwback to the original show.