Tour de Fleece

I have been newly introduced to a spinning event this year called the Tour de Fleece (you need a Ravelry account, which is awesome and free, to play along). Because we fiber spinners just don’t spend enough time being mistaken for people who do crazy bicycling for exercise, the fiber spinning community sets itself the challenge of spinning every single day during the Tour de France and attempting a major challenge on the challenge day of the race, which this year happens to be July 18.

This is the bare minimum I'm hoping to spin during Tour de Fleece.
This is the bare minimum I’m hoping to spin during Tour de Fleece.

I’m on the Rookie team for the time being, in hopes that I’ll connect with benevolent spinning masters who love to share what they know with us n00bs, but I have a few specific challenges for myself between now and July 21st:

  1. Finish the blue mystery wool I’m spinning worsted on the wheel.
  2. Ply said blue mystery wool…on the wheel. This will be my first wheel plying, and I can’t lie: I’m nervous about it.
  3. Work up the dragon-red yarn on my new spindle and finish as 2-ply. This is a speed challenge that will necessitate carrying the stuff with me.
  4. Blend and spin some angora. The challenge here is a new fiber prep technique and a new fiber, so I’ll be in double need of luck for that. I’ll probably tackle this with my new spindle, so part of the challenge with the red is to spin both halves and get it plied before the 18th so my lightest spindle is ready for me to tackle the tough stuff on Challenge Day.

Spinning every day, I might find myself working through the fiber faster than I anticipate, so I might make it as far as working on my Romney lamb and Jacob alpaca fleeces that I’m hoping to coax into a nice, soft, durable, deep gray sweater yarn.

Good luck to all my fellow spinners! Happy spinning!