Happy Birthday, Indeed!

So…there is almost nothing good about having a birthday on the 16th of December. No matter how many people love you, snow and flu and holiday bustle have a way of sweeping December birthdays off to the side. This year, however, my family and friends defied all odds and managed to throw me a surprise birthday party that was completely delightful. I won’t bore you with all the details since I didn’t save any cake to share, but there is one gift that I must tell you about.


I was given a gift certificate to this lovely little fiber shop that I was previously unaware of. They have a few things on Etsy, but if you are a spinner or a felter and live within a few hours of Portland, it is well worth the visit. Casey Ryder, who teaches some of their spinning workshops, was supremely helpful in choosing a beautiful undyed BFL for a Swivel Pullover.

BFL Roving for sweater

It’s as soft as it is lovely. This will be my first exercise in intentionally spinning for a project…wish me luck!

I still had money to spend because of the generosity of the gift-giver, so I got to pick up even more for my spinning delight.

23 Gram Spindle

This 23-gram spindle is not only pretty, it’s got a lovely balance and weight distribution. I think it will be excellent for spinning my final, delightful purchase…

Undyed Yak/Silk Roving

That’s a 50/50 yak/silk roving. Spinning yak is on my bucket list, and I can’t even described the lustrous deliciousness of this roving. It’s deadly soft and super shiny. Now if only I can make myself plow through the second half of my sister’s Christmas scarf so I can pick up the spinning again…