The Cages

I’m sighing a deep sigh of relief right now. We finally have rabbit cages. I had planned on buying the 30″ x 36″ cages from Tractor Supply a few months ago. I made the mistake of assuming that I could just drop in and pick them up anytime, however, so I waited until about a week and a half ago to go shopping for cages.

Tip: Start trying to buy your cages a month before your rabbits arrive. You might get lucky and find them in stock, but you also might have to wait for a truck to come in, which will put you pretty close to the wire.

Rabbit Cages

If you do buy this cage, you should know that what’s in the box is not going to put a safe cage together. Most of the joins are meant to be held together with a simple  hook over the adjoining side of wire. In theory, this would be fine, but the sides clearly came off a roll and weren’t flattened perfectly. The warp of the wire means that the clip system is essentially useless. You need to buy the J-clips and j-clip tool to pull the cages together safely.

Once I used the j-clips, the cages went together without too much trouble. The door swings in, and there’s a hook for the top of the cage so you can keep the door out of the way while you’re dealing with the bunnies. The best feature about the cage is that it looks like it was galvanized post-weld, which means that the welds shouldn’t rust out before the wire.

The option I might consider in the future is making my own cage. I’m still researching that process and pondering what quantities of cage I’m willing to produce (you’d almost have to be a pro rabbitry or selling cages to buy the wire in the bulk to make it worthwhile). I’ll post plans and instructions if I ever do make a cage, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for a supplier of bulk welded wire, Bass Equipment Company is the best place I’ve found so far.

In other news, the Rabbitat is 95% complete–it just needs a coat of paint. Plans and pictures to come soon. We’ve also decided on names for the bunnies…to be revealed at the end of the week. Duh duh DUH! 🙂