Here Be Dragons

Few mythological creatures can command the gravitas of the dragon. Cultures across the world have tales of trickster dragons, evil dragons, wise dragons, greedy dragons, dragons who are the mindless servants of darkness and dragons who are kings in their own right. Mythology has trickled through to touch the way we name creatures even today and we find the appeal of their mystery from the depths of the sea to the dig sites of paleontologists.

Here Be Dragons is a knitted salute to dragons, real and imagined, and their stories. Using the many varied forms of dragons, we’ll explore seamless techniques for knitting complex toys while using up the remnants of our favorite sock yarns. This collection will eventually be published as a book complete with facts and lore about the dragons inspiring each design along with tutorials for some of the more complicated techniques. In the meantime, patterns will be available for individual purchase as they are completed.


Don’t turn your back on Cornelius. You are crunchy and good with ketchup.

Cornelius - $3.99


Disguised as a mound of moss-covered stone, Morgran waits for old magics to wake him when the signs of the prophecy come to pass.

Morgran - $3.99

Coming Soon – Muriel

Bright jewel of the sea, leafy seadragon Muriel sways with the current, fading into the seaweed that surrounds her.